Asthma | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Asthma | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

People with asthma often think that they are different from the other and cut off themselves from the normal fun and excitement of life. If you have asthma, look at it as just another challenge of life.

Since it is not your fault that you have this disorder, you do not have to be embarrassed about being an asthma patient. There is no cure for Asthma but it can be controlled if addressed properly and an effective asthma management program can enhance a person’s quality of life to a considerable extent.

If adequately controlled, the children born with asthma can live a normal life and if controlled inadequate manner, it does not stop your child from even pursuing his career in sports. An effective asthma management plan starts with understanding the major aspects of this disease, how to avoid the causes that trigger off the Asthma attack and what to do in an emergency situation.

It is a disease commonly found in the kids, teens as well as in adults. The air passages in our lungs are made up of thousands of tiny tubes that perform the duty of bringing the air in and out of the lungs. Asthma is actually the condition in which these air passages in the lungs are affected causing the airways of lungs becoming tightened and the lungs do not receive enough air to breathe.

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Asthma-Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

How many people live with asthma?

Unfortunately, more and more people are seriously affected by this condition, regardless of age. Worldwide, one in twenty individuals suffers from asthma. Among children, the figures are even worse, because one in ten is affected.

Use asthma information to better understand your disease

Suffering from asthma attacks will never be easy to handle. It must be considered to have the worst day of your life when attacks occur. Do not despair, every problem there is a solution, and with the technology right now, every disease has a cure.

For beginners, it is best to know everything about asthma. Knowledge is power, the more you know about asthma the better you understand it and thus, you will find out the cure for this. This is a website that helps you to know if you have asthma or not, learn about the types and symptoms of asthma, as well as about the most modern and proven methods of treating this ailment.

Be very cautious about every information that you get online. Not all information is reliable as stated in some asthma fact sheets. One way to search asthma fact sheets is from reputable medical recourses.

Check asthma

Why do I need this information?

As asthma education and knowledge improve, we are beginning to realize that the over-cleanliness of some modern environments may in fact do more harm than good. If a young child is exposed to a foreign body at an early age, the immune system can develop a resistance to it. If not, there remains the possibility of that unwanted intruder doing far more damage in the future. A classic example with asthma is cat and dog allergens, where the exposure early on in childhood actually decreases the chance of asthma developing.

Having a better education into the causes and aggravating factors of asthma help you to manage the condition better. While a physician can prescribe a necessary corticosteroid drug to be taken in through an inhaler every time you suffer an attack, they cannot help you to avoid the conditions which may trigger one in the first place. You can play your part by watching when attacks develop and trying to find any common factors which may apply. If you notice, for example, that you suffer most attacks while you are at home relaxing, there is a good chance that dust mites are causing the attacks. Change your furniture or make sure the room is cleaner.

The device is quite simple

Doses are numbered in aluminum packages and opened right in front of the direct inhalation. As a result, the amount of medication each time in the same direction and spray evenly. So Advair inhaler has become an accepted standard.

This Salmeterol in combination with Fluticasone gives a stunning effect immediately, the attack disappears instantly. But this action does not end there. The drug continues you to treat. The main time to take the next portion.

1. Advair Diskus

All you have to do is not to forget to put Advair Diskus in the bag. And then on a long trip (both during movement and at rest), you will always be protected. Advair dosage suggests its use twice a day. The maximum recommended dosage Advair Diskus is 500/50 with a twelve-hour break.

We can only recommend buying Advair Diskus online or Advair generic for the best price. Don’t need a prescription and unnecessary red tape. Just buy and get the order the next day.

Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) is well established as a means of drug delivery forms. These Inhalers are always ready to use, so the attack does not catch you by surprise. Learn more about “Advair Diskus“.

2. Ventolin HFA Inhaler

One of the greatest large used medications is Albuterol i.e. Ventolin HFA Inhaler. This prescription medication is used to decrease the frequency of the attacks. Ventolin or Albuterol is extremely potent and there are many patients, who have gone for some days without an attack.

Ventolin Aerosol is an oral medicine that contains Albuterol and is used to manage symptoms of asthma such as gasp and shortness of breath. The medicine is prescribed to patients to determine with chronic obstructive pulmonary illness and to manage asthma attacks. Ventolin dosage for adults: the average initial dose of Albuterol administered by inhalation with a nebulizer is 2.5 mg, but can be increased to 5 mg. Inhalations can be repeated 4 times/day.

Children aged 4 to 11 years: the average dose is 2.5 mg, but can be increased to 5 mg.

Every patient who has been guided to use this pharmacy should gather real details about it prior to commencing treatment. While Ventolin Albuterol is extensively obtainable, not all drugstores stock the branded one; however, you can purchase Ventolin generic medication from many-a-drugstores as well as online. Learn more about “Ventolin HFA Inhaler“.

3. Symbicort

Symbicort is a medicine commonly used for the prevention of asthma attacks. This medication is available in an inhaler so patients can use it easily. Doctors recommend daily use of the Symbicort inhaler depending of course on other asthma medication that was previously used to prevent asthma attacks. The severity of asthma is very important in the Symbicort dosage. It is often prescribed if another long-term maintenance treatment of asthma has been proven unsuccessful. Typically, doctors instruct asthma patients to allow 12 hours between doses. The maximum daily dose is 2 inhales. Do not exceed this recommended dosage and rinse your mouth after use.

The cost of Symbicort inhalation is around $250. Symbicort price is depending on the pharmacy you visit. You can buy a patented medicine or get the official Symbicort generic with a good discount and bonuses when buying medicine in bulk. Learn more about “Symbicort“.

Knowing what triggers an asthma attack

Many types of testing are available to determine a particular person’s asthma triggers. Medical doctors will suggest blood and skin (scratch) testing. These tests have been the standard tests available for decades. Just remember that the medical frame-of-reference is that there is no cure. So, for decades, they are doing the same things and not searching outside their diagnostic manuals for any results other than what is in those books.

There are many factors that encourage asthma symptoms. These factors are called “triggers”. When the patient is exposed to a trigger, the air passages respond in a negative way to become narrower, swollen or inflamed. These results in the obstruction of airflow through the lungs; this leads to the difficulties of breathing. Some common causes for asthma attacks are found right at your homes like the mold and dust mites. Many children develop inflammation in air passage due to contact with cats and dog hairs or even cockroaches. Air pollution and passive smoking are two of the most important triggers of asthma both in children and adults. Many people also develop an allergy to foods, respiratory infections, and exercise.

What are the options?

Homeopathic, naturopathic, and other alternative practitioners are less restricted in their beliefs, so they are often searching outside the standard techniques & paradigms for solutions for their clients. They may use other processes like hair, muscle, and voice testing. Many of these alternative practitioners work to find permanent, non-medical solutions for their clients.

Top paths to conquer asthma

One of the leaders of this trend is Advair Diskus since 2001.

Time goes on and people continue to trust the tested drugs in the fight against asthma and chronic lung disease.

Types of asthma in child cases

Recent studies have shown that asthma is a problem of modern times, and more people get affected by it every day. The most exposed to this health difficulty are children, who can develop the classical or the allergic form of the disease. Asthma in child cases seems to have a hereditary predisposition to the disease and the diagnosis depends on the medical history of a family. If the parents or grandparents suffered from it, it is very likely that asthma shows up in the child and the child’s siblings too. Very often mistaken for a simple cold or infection of the respiratory ways, asthma in child cases is the most difficult to diagnose. Doctors usually need a period of observation together with serious medical investigations to accurately diagnose it.

How can childhood asthma be treated?

There are two ways to deal with asthma, by alleviating the symptoms during a crisis or by preventing a crisis. The latter form of treatment consists of the daily administration of some pills which keep the airways from swelling, whereas the former is taken only in crisis moments. The first aid medicine is in fact a quick dilator of the airways that opens up the tightened tubes and stops the swelling. In the cases of allergies, such swelling is triggered by the reaction of the immune system when the body enters into direct contact with an allergen. The kind of treatment prescribed for your child is the medical practitioner’s responsibility. So, you can see your medical, homeopathic, or naturopathic doctor for advice, techniques, and treatments.

Giving yourself the right asthma education can also help you to avoid wasting money on alleged remedies that have no effect. There have been many natural substances that have been touted as having a positive effect on an asthmatic body, but few have stood up to scrutiny by the scientific establishment. That is not to say that living a healthy life and eating more naturally will not help, it may well do because it will lessen the need to burn off calories strenuously and will keep your body calmer. Just don’t believe everything you read as you build up your asthma education.

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ozone destroys lungs

Fine dust, ozone attack… How do we stop him?

Fine dust, ozone attack

At 4 p.m. on the 3rd, the Seoul Institute of Health and Environment issued an ozone warning to all areas of Seoul. Ozone is not dangerous by itself, but it turns into an oxidant that threatens the bronchial tubes when it encounters nitrogen dioxide or ultraviolet rays. If an ozone warning has been issued because it is in a gaseous state and cannot be filtered by a mask, it is better to refrain from outdoor activities.

◇ Ozone that turns into a pollutant when exposed to ultraviolet rays
Ozone exists in the stratosphere at an altitude of 25 km and absorbs some of the ultraviolet rays, protecting the Earth’s animals and plants. It is also used to purify water due to its strong sterilizing power. However, when ozone in the atmosphere meets nitrogen dioxide present in automobile and factory fumes and strong ultraviolet rays, problems arise. This is because it turns into a secondary pollutant that stimulates the eyes and skin and causes respiratory diseases such as asthma through photochemical reactions. Ozone concentrations usually increase from June when ultraviolet rays become stronger. Cities and industrial complexes emit a lot of smoke, so caution is needed.

◇ Damage to cell proteins causes bronchial adverse effects and eye diseases
High concentrations of ozone weaken the substances (sulfhydrils) that make up proteins in cells. In particular, areas vulnerable to ozone are laryngeal mucosa, bronchial tubes, and lung cells that directly contact through air inhalation. At the Climate Energy Health Forum held in 2017, a study showed that an average of 1,666 people die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma caused by ozone alone in Korea. According to a study published by the Korea Institute for Environmental Policy Evaluation in 2010, when ozone concentration increases by 0.01PPM, the average daily death toll increases by 0.37 to 2.03%, and the hospitalization rate due to asthma attacks increases by 3 to 6%.

Ozone can also worsen dry eyes. According to a research team led by Professor Kim Dong-hyun of Gachon University Gil Hospital, a total of 86 patients with dry eye syndrome, the OSDI increased by 0.328 every time ozone increased by 0.001 PPM. The ocular surface disease index is an index that objectively evaluates ocular dryness, and the higher it is, the more severe ocular dryness is.

◇ Can’t prevent it with a mask. Avoid going out
Ozone cannot be prevented by wearing a mask. Because it’s a gas form. It’s best not to go out on a dense day. Even if you go out, it is best to avoid roadsides or factory areas where there is a lot of smoke. In particular, patients with chronic lung disease should refrain from going out on the day when an ozone warning is issued, and visit a hospital if symptoms such as coughing or difficulty breathing occur after going out.

How ozone destroys lungs… Korean researchers have found out

The number of ozone warnings issued is increasing rapidly. Amid the growing possibility of human damage caused by ozone exposure as daytime temperatures become hotter, a domestic research team has found a basis for treatment that controlling cell barrier proteins can reduce human damage caused by ozone.

Ozone is a colorless toxic gas. Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from automobile exhaust gases are generated by photochemical oxidation by sunlight and have a harmful effect on human health. If the ozone concentration rises above a certain standard, the respiratory system or eyes are stimulated, causing cough and stinging eyes. In severe cases, it leads to decreased lung function. In particular, people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cause problems such as decreased lung function, increased airway hypersensitivity, and caused airway inflammation.

Professor Jang An-soo’s team at Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital studied how ozone affects lung diseases by exposing animal models to ozone to observe changes in epithelial cells and cell connections. Professor Jang An-soo said, “Our body’s epithelial cells serve as selective gates for foreign substances such as allergens, air pollutants, and viruses between the external environment and underlying tissues,” adding, “They are structurally and functionally polarized into lipid membranes and proteins, and partially form cell bonds to affect lung diseases.”

This study exposed animal models to ozone concentrations of 0.1, 1 and 2 PPM for 3 days, 2 hours each. As a result, airway inflammation and airway hypersensitivity increased, and protein expression involved in reactive oxygen species ((Nrf2) and antioxidant reactions (Keap1) increased. In addition, cell barrier proteins Claudine 3 and Claudine 4 also increased. As a result, it was confirmed that structural changes such as breaking cell bonds or widening gaps occurred, and external substances easily entered, negatively affecting the human body. In other words, it confirmed the process of ozone entering the respiratory system on cough, sputum, airway inflammation, and airway hypersensitivity, and suggested a treatment basis that manipulating Claudine 4 or controlling cell barrier protein can restore and strengthen the changed cell binding structure to reduce lung disease caused by ozone exposure.

Professor Jang said, “We will make efforts to apply it to actual clinical trials through follow-up studies in the future.”

Meanwhile, the study was recently published in an international journal of environmental toxicology.

Volvo Car Air Purifier Gets Certification for ‘Asthma and Allergy Prevention Performance’

Volvo Motors announced on the 18th that its advanced air purification technology has been verified by two international certification agencies, Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), and OFI, an independent research and testing agency in Austria.

The “Advanced Air Cleaning” function is a fully automatic system that prevents pollutants such as fine suspended particles and exhaust gases from entering the vehicle through cabin filters. It uses synthetic fiber-based filters and has an ionization function, removing up to 95% of ultrafine dust, the most harmful particles contained in indoor air.

First of all, in the ASL test, the “Advanced Air Cleaning” function was certified as a product that helps asthma and allergies by removing up to 99.9% of grass, wood, and weed pollen allergies in the outside air. ASL is an independent certification authority that helps consumers identify products suitable for use by asthma/allergic patients.

According to the World Health Organization and the World Allergy Organization, allergies, asthma, and air pollution are negatively affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. As a result, Volvo Motors is actively helping people breathe cleaner air by applying state-of-the-art air purification functions that provide more improved in-vehicle air quality to the latest vehicles. Volvo Motors believes that clean air provides various benefits to individual health and safety, and plans to continue to improve these areas when developing vehicles in the future.

Volvo Cars XC90 Recharge PHEV. Photo = Volvo provided by Korea
Dr. Maria Bernander, an expert on passenger health effects at Volvo Cars, said, “We will help reduce the adverse health effects related to air pollution, allergies and fine dust by helping customers improve the air quality inside Volvo vehicles.”

In addition, the “Advanced Air Cleaning” function can remove more than 97% of viruses in the air flowing into the car and remove up to 95% of the existing virus concentration in the car. In a recent test conducted by OFI, an independent research and testing agency in Austria, Volvo filters and ionization functions have high virus filtration efficiency, which is very effective in blocking viruses in the air.

In the future, Volvo Motors will be the first car manufacturer in the world to provide real-time outdoor pollen levels to drivers through its own app. The actual outdoor pollen concentration and air quality in the car are displayed in real time on the vehicle center display, allowing drivers to determine whether indoor air purification is necessary.

Volvo Motors will increase its competitive edge by providing a more comfortable and healthy driving experience by regularly testing and developing vehicle air purification functions, said Anders Löbendal, an in-vehicle air quality technology expert and function manager at Volvo Motors.

Volvo’s latest air purification technology is equipped with the world’s first sensor released in 2020. Through this sensor, indoor air quality is measured up to PM 2.5 level, and customers can compare it to external air quality level.

PM 2.5, which represents the amount of fine particles in the air, is a widely used criterion for measuring air quality. In many urban areas around the world, PM 2.5 levels exceeding the WHO recommendation criteria are causing various problems, thus emphasizing the need to minimize their impact.

Meanwhile, Volvo Cha Korea is introducing an “Advanced Air Cleaning” function with PM 2.5 sensors and particulate filters that filter ultra-fine dust in its major models, XC90, V90CC, XC60, V60CC, and S60, starting with the Swedish luxury flagship sedan S90, which was released in Korea in September 2020.

Source: Daily Korea (

“Asthma attacks can be reduced by 27%” Results of AstraZeneca combination therapy phase 3 clinical trial

AstraZeneca combination therapy phase 3 clinical trial

A clinical trial result showed that asthma attacks were dramatically reduced when albuterol (ingredient name), a drug taken by asthma patients, and budesonide (ingredient name), administered by inhaler, were used together for treatment.

This is from the results of the phase 3 clinical trial (test name: MANDALA) for the asthma treatment of AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company.

According to the study, the combination therapy of albuterol and busonide reduced the number of symptomatic asthma attacks, including sudden dyspnea, wheezing (wheezing and growling), and cough.

Albuterol relieves asthma attacks by relaxing the smooth muscles of the airways (hidden) and is used for immediate asthma relief.

Also, budesonide is a corticosteroid (a type of corticosteroid) drug that is sucked through the nose.

When asthma patients have seizures, they are often taken to the emergency room or hospitalized, and in severe cases, they can even lead to death.

“The results of this study represent a paradigm shift in asthma treatment,” said Professor Reynold Panettieri, Rutgers University School of Medicine, Rutgers University School of Medicine, lead author of the clinical trial study. said

The research team conducted a Phase 3 clinical trial study on more than 3,000 asthmatics at 295 test centers across the United States, Europe, and South America.

This is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a combination therapy using AstraZeneca’s albuterol and budesonide together for moderate-to-severe asthma patients.

Albuterol is a fast-acting beta-2 agonist that binds to a very small protein called the ‘beta receptor’ in the airways and acts to relax the muscles.

Budesonide, a corticosteroid (a type of corticosteroid) drug, reduces swelling and irritation of the airways.

Standard ‘maintenance’ treatment involves administration of an inhaled drug that combines two drugs: a long-acting beta2 agonist such as beclomethasone and a corticosteroid such as beclomethasone.

When a patient has an asthma attack, an emergency medication such as albuterol is usually used. Sometimes oral steroids are prescribed. However, doctors are cautious about prescribing oral steroids because of the serious side effects.

The research team divided the patients into three groups and conducted a clinical trial. With many patients already on daily asthma maintenance therapy, participants in the group received one of three rescue therapies in case of an asthma attack.

The experimental group consisted of a group receiving a combination of albuterol and high-dose budesonide and a group receiving a combination of albuterol and low-dose budesonide. In addition, the control group received only albuterol.

Clinical trial results showed that asthma patients treated with albuterol and budesonide had improved lung function and fewer heart attacks.

Patients who took albuterol in combination with high-dose budesonide had a 27% reduction in the risk of short-term asthma attacks and a 24% reduction in the number of asthma attacks per year.

It has also been shown that this combination therapy can reduce the use of corticosteroids, which can cause side effects, by up to 33%.

“Patients can often receive more medications by inhaler when they have sudden asthma attacks, which reduces the number of asthma attacks and reduces the need to take oral steroids after attacks,” the research team said.

According to the Asthma Allergy Foundation (AAF), approximately 25 million adults and children in the United States suffer from asthma. In addition, according to the 2019 National Health Statistics in Korea, the prevalence of asthma over the age of 19 is 3.2%, and the prevalence of asthma over the age of 65 is 5.0%.

The results of this study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and introduced by the American health and medicine media ‘MedicalXpress’.


An Investigation of Allergic Diseases in Atopy and Asthma Relief School in Andong City

Andong City’s integrated care team will conduct an investigation into allergic diseases at atopic and asthma relief schools by the 27th.

Andong City conducts an investigation into allergic diseases atopy and asthma relief schools … Continued maintenance at school

The integrated care team of the Dementia Relief Center in Andong-si supports atopic and asthma relief schools so that students with allergic diseases can live and learn healthy.

A survey on allergic diseases that form basic atopy and asthma data will be conducted until May 27 for 34 daycare centers and kindergarten students selected for atopy and asthma relief schools, and first graders and transfer students.

If the patient is selected through the results of the allergy disease investigation and notified to the safe school, the health teacher will keep the patient’s individual specific information on the management card or life record, and if there is a drug prescribed by the patient, it will be used in the health room.

In addition, educational brochures in the form of fairy tales are distributed to each household along with questionnaires so that students and parents can easily learn atopy and asthma, and moisturizers are provided to safe schools so that patients can use moisturizers in health rooms.

An official from the integrated care team said, “We ask for your interest and participation in applying for and maintaining safe schools so that we can create safe school conditions from allergic diseases.”


Nasal pollen allergy, ‘Steroids sprayed in the nose’ are effective


Allergy is a disease that occurs when our body mistakenly mistake a harmless foreign substance for a very dangerous substance.

For example, pollen mainly floats in the air during the changing seasons, but it is generally not harmful even if it enters the body for a short time. However, a person’s immune system enters an emergency state by considering pollen as a harmful and dangerous substance like parasites and bacteria.

Therefore, it over-defends and attacks pollen, causing inflammation, red, swollen nose, runny nose, irritation, and sneezing. This over-defense of the immune system is called allergy. If it occurs in the eyes, it is conjunctivitis, if it occurs in the bronchi in the lungs, it becomes asthma.

Allergies get worse in spring, and allergic rhinitis is a typical example. In spring, there is a lot of pollen from trees, which increases exposure. Birch pollen, especially in spring, is a strong allergy.

House dust mites also multiply in spring and increase in number, which can exacerbate allergic rhinitis. Rhinitis causes itching in the inner corner of the eye close to the nose, which further bothers the patient.

Asthma is often caused by hay fever, and especially in the changing seasons, when the temperature difference is large, it is easy to catch a cold, making both rhinitis and asthma worse.

If allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing are left untreated, it will have a major impact on sleep. Snoring can also become severe and cause sleep apnea.

Chronic fatigue is caused by not being able to get a good night’s sleep even when sleeping. In fact, if you look at the EEG, the time when rhinitis patients wake up from a deep sleep and enter a state of fine arousal is 10 times higher. If rhinitis persists, it can worsen into sinusitis, which can cause a chronic cough.

There are two main types of nasal sprays. First of all, nasal vasoconstrictors are readily available at drugstores, and although they temporarily pierce the nose, it is not recommended to use them continuously for more than 5 days. Because of the many side effects, it should be used temporarily only when nasal congestion is very severe.

Instead, we recommend nasal spray steroids prescribed by hospitals. Although the effect does not appear immediately, it is more effective than other drugs if used continuously for more than a week. Unlike oral steroids, it is safe to use for a long time and is effective for all rhinitis symptoms and itchy eyes.

There are also studies showing that it is safe even for a two-year-old baby and that it is safe for the nose even if used daily for more than 30 years.

You cannot completely avoid pollen through your lifestyle. However, when driving a car, it is better not to leave the window open all the time and to ventilate the vehicle briefly. In addition, washing your body well after going out, washing or washing clothes frequently, and vacuuming with a good HEPA filter also helps to reduce pollen in the house.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that the best prevention and treatment is the continuous use of nasal steroids.

“An antibiotic before delivering an incision, regardless of the risk of asthma in the child.”

Studies have shown that administering antibiotics before cesarean delivery to prevent infection does not affect the risk of asthma or atopic dermatitis in children who gave birth.

asthma in the child

HealthDay News reported on the 23rd that a team of researchers at the Institute of Applied Health Research at the University of Birmingham analyzed the medical records of millions of children born in the UK between 2006 and 2018.

The research team compared and analyzed the incidence of allergy-related diseases in children born with cesarean sections before and after the change in the guidelines of British health authorities on antibiotic administration before cesarean delivery.

The guidelines, updated in 2011, required antibiotics to be administered immediately before caesarean delivery rather than after umbilical cord cutting to minimize the risk of infection in women with cesarean delivery.

The comparative analysis showed that even if antibiotics were administered before cesarean delivery, the risk of developing allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis did not increase, the research team said.

If antibiotics are administered to the mother before cutting the umbilical cord after delivery, antibiotics are passed to the baby through the placenta, which can affect the baby’s intestinal bacteria, including bacteria that help the baby’s health and immune system develop.

Studies have shown that there is a link between the intestinal bacterial composition of the fetus and asthma and atopic dermatitis.

In response, Andrew Shenan, director of clinical research at the National Institute of Health Research, commented that antibiotic administration for the mother before cesarean delivery is another evidence that it can help improve the health of the mother.

The findings were published in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Production of e-books for the blind and participation in massage volunteering for the elderly

#Production of e-books

I participated in e-book production for the blind, and massaging for the elderly

In the past, they read with paper books, but e-book loans that can be easily borrowed in the non-face-to-face era are increasing. Blind people who are blind can also read books. Since it is not possible to read type books with eyes, until now, it has been used to read braille books with hands or listen to them with ears. But now there are daisy books, so more blind people can access books conveniently. The iFree Electronic Library ( offers a wide range of books as daisy books.

The term “Daisy Book” means an alternative book in the form of an electronic file produced for use in a computer equipped with an auxiliary engineering machine or a screen reader. Using the method of synthesizing and outputting text-entered characters into sounds, people with low vision can listen to voices, and people with low vision can use a screen magnification program. Electronic books are accessible anytime, anywhere through braille information terminals (Hansone), portable voice readers, and apps.

However, the production of these e-books requires the help of volunteers. Let’s introduce the e-book production volunteer work, which is perfect for non-face-to-face volunteer work in the COVID-19 era.

Until now, if one person had to work on a book, several people worked on one book in the newly launched My Pick, allowing blind people to access new books faster.

Anyone aged 19 or older can volunteer after completing video training after signing up for membership. For the start of volunteer work, you should be familiar with the guidelines for e-book production, starting with understanding education for the visually impaired. The text extracted by scanning the book is alternated and edited in accordance with the electronic book production guidelines. Compared to braille books or recorded books, it has the advantage of being able to produce in a relatively short time. E-book production volunteer work can be easily accessed through site access, allowing a large number of volunteers to work.

#Volunteer through a health massage

The Siloam Welfare Center for the Blind has formed a sisterhood relationship with OPSASU(오피)’s Health Massage (, which supports therapy education and spa for the blind. The massage and SPA therapy services taught here can now participate in volunteer work.

They visit the elderly who are not feeling well and give them an eye care. I think we should emulate the fact that blind people do volunteer work, which is difficult for the general public to do.

Volunteer groups for the visually impaired recommended by OP Site(오피사이트)

Volunteer groups for the visually impaired recommended by OP Site(오피사이트)

Why the OP(오피) crew is respected


The OP(오피) crew recommended by OP webSite consists of visually impaired people. As for massage volunteering, it is said that there are many things to learn from the fact that they are organizing OP(오피) Crews composed of blind people that are difficult for the general public to do. As expected, I think it is right to find and do volunteer work.
It often shows self-esteem with fingertips love that we can serve, breaking away from the social prejudice that blind people should protect and help.

The general public believes that volunteering requires a certain standard of living and time to help people around you.
However, visually impaired people boldly break the general framework of thinking that they are in a position to receive social help. It is said to contribute to volunteer activities that donate their talents.
These blind people must have had one or two inconveniences in their lives, but it is not beautiful to roll up their sleeves to volunteer for the elderly in the community, so it is admirable.

It is difficult for blind people who should be alienated and protected from society to make a living by running massage parlors, etc., and thankfully, a massage volunteer group is formed to go around senior citizens’ homes, senior citizens’ centers, and nursing homes.
Of course, the elderly’s response is bound to be hot.

Often, volunteering is the idea that someone who loves themselves eventually expresses self-love as a service for others. Although it may not be a grand sacrifice and dedication for others, it is truly beautiful to help others through their talent donations.

The beautiful accompaniment of blind people during the year-end and New Year holidays, which is greeted by the pandemic that has continued for two years due to the spread of COVID-19 and various unexpected events, is a fresh influence that delivers warm love and courage to our underprivileged neighbors around us.

In 2008, there was a movie called City of the Blind. The film scathingly criticizes the reality that in a largely blind city, if there are only a few people with normal thinking, the world in which they live will be distorted and operated, so that all profits will be monopolized by the powerful and the gunman.

The professors chose Myoseo Dong-gu as their four-character idiom of the year. This means, “There is a cat and a mouse together,” which means, “The thief has become a companion with the thief.”
In short, it is painful to criticize Korea’s real politics. Non-disabled people who are blind to profits cannot hear the voices of the public, so there will be a long way to understand the hearts of voters.

Even in the harsh lives of ordinary people who have to live with COVID-19, the calm lingering feelings of the beautiful company of the blind give hope to many.
In the community where we live, there are many people to take care of, including our neighbors, Muu Tak, the head of a boy and girl, and grandparents. It is a time when careful attention from members of the community is needed more than ever because it will become a healthy society only when they can be with them.
The implications of blind people in Korean society are clear. In addition, it is to create a society that lives well.