Volunteer groups for the visually impaired recommended by OP Site(오피사이트)

Why the OP(오피) crew is respected


The OP(오피) crew recommended by OP webSite consists of visually impaired people. As for massage volunteering, it is said that there are many things to learn from the fact that they are organizing OP(오피) Crews composed of blind people that are difficult for the general public to do. As expected, I think it is right to find and do volunteer work.
It often shows self-esteem with fingertips love that we can serve, breaking away from the social prejudice that blind people should protect and help.

The general public believes that volunteering requires a certain standard of living and time to help people around you.
However, visually impaired people boldly break the general framework of thinking that they are in a position to receive social help. It is said to contribute to volunteer activities that donate their talents.
These blind people must have had one or two inconveniences in their lives, but it is not beautiful to roll up their sleeves to volunteer for the elderly in the community, so it is admirable.

It is difficult for blind people who should be alienated and protected from society to make a living by running massage parlors, etc., and thankfully, a massage volunteer group is formed to go around senior citizens’ homes, senior citizens’ centers, and nursing homes.
Of course, the elderly’s response is bound to be hot.

Often, volunteering is the idea that someone who loves themselves eventually expresses self-love as a service for others. Although it may not be a grand sacrifice and dedication for others, it is truly beautiful to help others through their talent donations.

The beautiful accompaniment of blind people during the year-end and New Year holidays, which is greeted by the pandemic that has continued for two years due to the spread of COVID-19 and various unexpected events, is a fresh influence that delivers warm love and courage to our underprivileged neighbors around us.

In 2008, there was a movie called City of the Blind. The film scathingly criticizes the reality that in a largely blind city, if there are only a few people with normal thinking, the world in which they live will be distorted and operated, so that all profits will be monopolized by the powerful and the gunman.

The professors chose Myoseo Dong-gu as their four-character idiom of the year. This means, “There is a cat and a mouse together,” which means, “The thief has become a companion with the thief.”
In short, it is painful to criticize Korea’s real politics. Non-disabled people who are blind to profits cannot hear the voices of the public, so there will be a long way to understand the hearts of voters.

Even in the harsh lives of ordinary people who have to live with COVID-19, the calm lingering feelings of the beautiful company of the blind give hope to many.
In the community where we live, there are many people to take care of, including our neighbors, Muu Tak, the head of a boy and girl, and grandparents. It is a time when careful attention from members of the community is needed more than ever because it will become a healthy society only when they can be with them.
The implications of blind people in Korean society are clear. In addition, it is to create a society that lives well.