Production of e-books for the blind and participation in massage volunteering for the elderly

#Production of e-books

I participated in e-book production for the blind, and massaging for the elderly

In the past, they read with paper books, but e-book loans that can be easily borrowed in the non-face-to-face era are increasing. Blind people who are blind can also read books. Since it is not possible to read type books with eyes, until now, it has been used to read braille books with hands or listen to them with ears. But now there are daisy books, so more blind people can access books conveniently. The iFree Electronic Library ( offers a wide range of books as daisy books.

The term “Daisy Book” means an alternative book in the form of an electronic file produced for use in a computer equipped with an auxiliary engineering machine or a screen reader. Using the method of synthesizing and outputting text-entered characters into sounds, people with low vision can listen to voices, and people with low vision can use a screen magnification program. Electronic books are accessible anytime, anywhere through braille information terminals (Hansone), portable voice readers, and apps.

However, the production of these e-books requires the help of volunteers. Let’s introduce the e-book production volunteer work, which is perfect for non-face-to-face volunteer work in the COVID-19 era.

Until now, if one person had to work on a book, several people worked on one book in the newly launched My Pick, allowing blind people to access new books faster.

Anyone aged 19 or older can volunteer after completing video training after signing up for membership. For the start of volunteer work, you should be familiar with the guidelines for e-book production, starting with understanding education for the visually impaired. The text extracted by scanning the book is alternated and edited in accordance with the electronic book production guidelines. Compared to braille books or recorded books, it has the advantage of being able to produce in a relatively short time. E-book production volunteer work can be easily accessed through site access, allowing a large number of volunteers to work.

#Volunteer through a health massage

The Siloam Welfare Center for the Blind has formed a sisterhood relationship with OPSASU(오피)’s Health Massage (, which supports therapy education and spa for the blind. The massage and SPA therapy services taught here can now participate in volunteer work.

They visit the elderly who are not feeling well and give them an eye care. I think we should emulate the fact that blind people do volunteer work, which is difficult for the general public to do.