An Investigation of Allergic Diseases in Atopy and Asthma Relief School in Andong City

Andong City’s integrated care team will conduct an investigation into allergic diseases at atopic and asthma relief schools by the 27th.

Andong City conducts an investigation into allergic diseases atopy and asthma relief schools … Continued maintenance at school

The integrated care team of the Dementia Relief Center in Andong-si supports atopic and asthma relief schools so that students with allergic diseases can live and learn healthy.

A survey on allergic diseases that form basic atopy and asthma data will be conducted until May 27 for 34 daycare centers and kindergarten students selected for atopy and asthma relief schools, and first graders and transfer students.

If the patient is selected through the results of the allergy disease investigation and notified to the safe school, the health teacher will keep the patient’s individual specific information on the management card or life record, and if there is a drug prescribed by the patient, it will be used in the health room.

In addition, educational brochures in the form of fairy tales are distributed to each household along with questionnaires so that students and parents can easily learn atopy and asthma, and moisturizers are provided to safe schools so that patients can use moisturizers in health rooms.

An official from the integrated care team said, “We ask for your interest and participation in applying for and maintaining safe schools so that we can create safe school conditions from allergic diseases.”