Real-life effectiveness and safety of Ventolin

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway passage (bronchi) which results in it being narrowed making the patient breathless and gasping for air, the other symptoms were coughing and sneezing. Unlike a normal person, an asthmatic reacts to the slightest stimuli and the muscle tissue of the bronchi go into spasm, the cells lining the airways swell and mucus gets collected in the airway passage.

There are substances that some are allergic to such as pollen, house dust and animal fur which trigger the attack and yet there are others who need not be allergic to any substances but a mere sinusitis condition could be the cause. Some drugs could also be culprits such as aspirin.

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What is Ventolin? Ventolin HFA is known generically as albuterol. Doctors prescribe it to help people breath more easily. People who suffer from asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis are usually candidates for Ventolin HFA – as are people who get bronchospasms when exercising.

The Ventolin Nebulizer solution’s main ingredient is a bronchodilator Salbutamolum that helps to relax the muscles that surround the airways. This helps to increase the amount of air that the lungs can bring in. It works to deal with sudden bronchospasms brought on by exercise or other factors. This medication does not deal with chronic inflammation issues, however. If you are dealing with asthma, you are in it for the long haul. It is something that does not go away with time. To deal with it long term, you need using Ventolin inhaler all the time while you suffer from asthma attacks.

Possible ailments for using Ventolin

There are several ailments that may warrant the use of Ventolin. The common ones include:

– Prevention and treatment of wheezing.

– Treating difficulty of breathing.

– Treating tightness in the chest.

– Asthma.


How to use: Ventolin dosage and recommendations

The use of Ventolin can be part of the treatment plan for both children and adults. This medication is offered in the form of a liquid or a tablet. A person will need to take this medicine typically three times a day. The exception is the extended-release tablets as those should only be taken every 12 hours. For the best results, Ventolin should be taken at the same time every day.

It is important to realize that the use of this medicine will help to control various symptoms, but it won’t cure them. If the patient stops using the medicine, those symptoms will get worse. It can take several weeks of taking Ventolin before the symptoms show improvement. Typically, the patient will be started at a low dose of the medicine and then it can be increased over time if necessary. You can easily buy online Ventolin and even get it set up for auto-shipment so that you don’t run out.

Ventolin HFA side effects

It is vitally important to be aware of drug side effects and to immediately consult with your medical practitioner whenever you feel that you are experiencing any kind of reaction to Ventolin HFA. Many medicines we take on a daily basis can cause side effects. While some side effects can be mild enough to go unnoticed, other side effects can cause serious distress if not treated.

Heart rate side effects

Ventolin may induce heart palpitations in some users. Heart palpitations are typically identified by a pounding sensation in the chest that may even be heard in your ears.

If you become aware of your body shaking or trembling you should inform your doctor. Ventolin may cause one or more of your limbs to shake and tremble and this is a side effect to pay attention to.

Ventolin HFA also may induce several side effects in the throat. These side effects could be recognized as a dry throat, a sore throat, or, even a cough. Some users notice a strange taste. If these symptoms do not disappear after a few days, or you feel they are very severed reactions, then consult your doctor.

Ventolin can also cause sleeplessness and a general feeling of nervousness. While not considered serious, these side effects should also be reported to your doctor if they last longer than a few days. Your responsibility

Unfortunately, patients do not always inform their doctors and pharmacists of the complete list of medications they are taking; without this knowledge, a patient can be prescribed a medication that is not suitable to them. Always inform your medical practitioners of your medications and also, if you are planning any lifestyle changes such as getting pregnant, increasing exercise, or increasing alcohol intake.

Ventolin for children

Ventolin HFA hasn’t been tested in children younger than two years old. Because there’s no assurance of its safety, Ventolin isn’t prescribed for children in this age group. Children age two to four can use Ventolin, but clinical studies have shown that they experience Ventolin adverse effects more frequently than do older patients. That said, children taking placebos also experienced side effects more often than older patients.

Overall, there’s only a small chance you’ll notice any side effects from Ventolin. If you do, it’s likely to be nothing more than a dry throat or cough. Keep in mind, too, that the severity of these side effects depends on the dosage and type of administration you use. Using Ventolin with a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) is less likely to cause side effects than taking high doses by mouth or through a nebulizer.

Since this type of medicine needs to be used ongoing, saving money is a huge value. Individuals with these types of health problems will need to continue using the medicine for the duration of their lives if they don’t want the situation to get worse. Therefore, it makes sense to obtain Ventolin at the best possible price. It can help someone to have a better quality of life than before they started to use it.

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This article is written by Carl Lawyer, M.D. pulmonology and sleep medicine specialist, a general practitioner who provides a wide range of services for the treatment of lung diseases and sleep disorders. Dr. Carl Lawyer graduated from medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, Colorado. He is available for inpatient and outpatient consultation on a variety of pulmonary-related issues, including acute and chronic respiratory failure, asthma, lung cancer, and COPD.

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